Common terms we use

Capacity building 

The effort to strengthen governance and infrastructure within an organization. 

Climate equity

The acknowledgement of the systemic oppression at the root of the disproportionate impact that climate change has on Black, Indigenous and under resourced communities.

Community organizing pedagogy

A systemic approach to community-based planning 

Community resilience

The anticipation of and preparation for and recovery from changing conditions that impact community wellbeing. 

Ecosystem mapping

A system of mapping out the relationships and dependencies between the variables that impact an experience to reveal areas of opportunity for growth or change.

Frontline communities 

Members of the communities include those impacted most by climate change and its root causes, which include white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonization. (Source)

Just transition

A set of unifying principles and practices supporting a just society has shifted from an extractive economy to a waste-free, regenerative economy. It must be equitable and must redress past harms. Its process must be just, or the outcome will not be. (Source)

Movement ecosystem

The governing body supporting shared goals, ie board members, staff, partners, projects, program participants, and supporters. (Source)


A self-sustaining agricultural ecosystem.


An innovative method of supporting people-centered leadership through skills development, networking, community expansion and alliance building.