Inaugural NACRP Facilitators Cohort Convening

February 27, 2023

Climate Innovation was proud to host the inaugural cohort of facilitative leaders for our National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) Credential Program in Oakland this February as part of our launch of the 9 month program. The cohort consists of 24 amazing organizers, planners, and community-driven facilitators deepening their practice within a peer support network. Rosa Gonzales and Julian Mochine-McQueen of Facilitating Power are co-facilitating the series as we dive into the application of the NACRP community-driven climate resilience planning framework (CDCRP), and cohort members design their own planning process accountable to the communities they serve. Represented are communities from across the country including Salinas, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Portland, Birmingham, Philadelphia, North Carolina, New Mexico, Micronesia, Hawaii, Yolo County, Marin City and the Bay Area.

Cohort members engage in a session.

This inaugural cohort is the vision come to life of the 2019 NACRP gathering of the contributors to the CDCRP framework to seed a vast network of community-driven facilitators across the county replacing top down planning with communities leading on the choices that most impact them. Part of that vision is that those community-led processes, so often marginalized both in terms of political power and resources, become mainstream. Training and supporting a network of facilitators accountable to grassroots communities and organizations is core to making this a reality.

To learn more about the NACRP Facilitators Credential Program or to support the NACRP Fund to seed community-driven planning processes, contact

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