Manifesting Abundance: A Year of Amplifying and Supporting Community-Led Climate Solutions

December 14, 2023
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When we first launched the People’s Climate Innovation Center brand identity in June 2022, we knew that the work required to bring us closer to making our mission–to support community-driven solutions that address complex climate challenges and advance racial justice–a reality would require time, hard work, and intention. Our bold goals would not come to fruition overnight and we knew it would not necessarily be an easy process; however, in just 18 months, and with the support and partnership of our robust ecosystem, which is made up of dynamic and aligned people like you, we have a vast impact to show and many wins to celebrate. We have and continue to manifest abundance–this has become our mantra and we are living for it!

We invite you to dive into our first impact report, “Manifesting Abundance: A Year of Amplifying and Supporting Community-Led Climate Solutions.” This report is a glimpse into the work we’ve been doing over the last year to support community leadership and build capacity for community-driven solutions to climate change. We continue to witness the radiating impact of centering communities grounded in racial equity and justice, radically imagining what’s possible in charting pathways toward self-determination, stewardship, and liberation.

This has been the gift of co-developing and disseminating a Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning (CDCRP) Framework with exceptional thought leaders and practitioners. We recognize that the magnitude of systems transformation and ecological restoration requires a culture shift in which we all have a role. So, we remain deeply committed to our role and responsibility to hold space for intergenerational and intersectional capacity building, reinvestment, resource hubs, and communities of practice that support durable, aligned networks of collaboration to actively build the world we need.

We are so proud of what we’ve been able to achieve! Here are just a few of the highlights from this past year:

  • Our staff doubled in size, adding valuable expertise and capacity to continue expanding our work.
  • We allocated over 25 percent of our operating budget to program participants, moving nearly $505,000 directly to community leaders who are actively working to address climate challenges. 
  • In partnership with the Institute for Market Transformation, we formally launched Community Climate Shift (CCS) and raised $1.3 million for the Community Climate Shift Fund, with $580,000 regranted to advocates in San Francisco, CA, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Orlando to begin equitable decarbonization projects.
  • We continued to grow and expand the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners, reaching over 200 people through the network’s signature capacity-building workshop series, VISION | POWER | SOLUTIONS, launching the association’s monthly newsletter, The Community Connector, and reaffirming our commitment to language justice through the update and republication of the CDCRP framework in English and Spanish. 

The success we’ve experienced and the resources we’ve been able to pour back into communities nationwide wouldn’t be possible without our growing network of partners, collaborators, supporters, and cheerleaders, who, along with our dedicated and committed staff team, continue to manifest abundance on all fronts as we do the vital work necessary to actualize climate justice. Please enjoy this report and accompanying montage video below.

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