About Our Logo

May 25, 2022

In June 2022, PCIC launched its new logo and name

Our Logo: Ethos, Culture and Radical Reimagining

People’s Climate Innovation Center is a hub of ideas, practices and actions that center transformation as we build the future for generations to come. Our ethos is inspired by Afrofuturism, at the intersection of imagination, history, future, liberation, African diaspora and technology. This radical imagining allows us to think boldly within and beyond white supremacist systems and the structures of constraint and scarcity that impact Black, Indigenous and People of Color. 

People’s Climate Innovation Center’s new name, logo and brand honors and aligns with nature-based practice and the culture and ancestry reflected within our team, as well as the diversity of the movement ecosystem in which we work. Our work and partnerships are rooted in just transition approaches of regeneration, resilience, and interdependence. 

Our logo represents both the iridescence of nature- butterflies, birds, how light interacts with objects and reflects on water- while also evoking the spectrum of color we see in technology, which is always borrowing from nature’s complexity and perfection. The shape reflects ancient symbols of Hopi basketry and Adinkra elements seen in the zig-zags. These shapes are also meant to represent lightning- a powerful force of change associated with the coming rain that feeds life and cleanses the earth. The circles surrounding the lightning bolts are important because of their resonance with ritual and ceremony. Another circle we honor is community as we commit to center people-powered solutions through community-driven approaches and building power. Our work, our logo and our planning ethos strive to be in alignment with Afroindigenous and ecological design principles while drawing from our collective cultural traditions.

We worked with the amazing, talented and cannot recommend high enough, StudioSilog on our rebranding, logo and website.
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