August 16, 2023

Attended multiple VPS sessions in 2022-2023? You are also eligible to apply to become a NACRP certified facilitator of community-driven planning! 

Application launch date: Tuesday, August 22nd, visit to access the application on this date 

The NACRP Facilitator Certification Program is for you if you…

  1. Are an NACRP member OR attended multiple workshops in the 2022-2023  VISION | POWER | SOLUTIONS online series.
  2. Are interested in deepening your practice as a community-based facilitator and practitioner of community-driven planning.
  3. Have the opportunity to carry out (i.e. have a facilitative leadership role in) some form of community-driven planning, at any scale, in 2024.
  4. Are accountable to a frontline community. Accountability means having a direct and trusting relationship, deep commitment, follow-through, and deference to a given community-based organization, or resident population in a frontline community. Frontline communities are directly impacted by a range of economic, environmental, and social issues resulting from racialized oppression and/or economic exploitation.
  5. Want to participate in an applied practice cohort and receive/provide mentoring to design a community-driven planning process over 9 months.

Those who complete the 9-month program will become a NACRP certified facilitator and be invited to opt-into our national referral network of community-based facilitators experienced in community-driven planning. The purpose of the referral network is to ensure that localities are able to connect with and contract "certified" facilitators accountable to frontline communities in their region.

For any questions or for more information, please contact Chantal Madray, NACRP Program Manager at 

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