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Leveraging the strengths of our movements

Social Change Ecosystem Mapping

Social change ecosystem mapping identifies strengths and assets of alliances or organizations within non-profit or community-driven sectors that can be engaged in the planning, development, and implementation of successful roadmaps, policy priorities or climate action plans. The purpose of mapping is to identify potential anchor organizations with the expertise, track record, and capacity to support cities in assessing equity impacts, setting equity goals, and helping to design roadmaps with triple-win solutions. 

Examples of our work include

PCIC led a social change mapping process for the Zero Cities Project, developed in 2017 as a project to help cities develop actionable and equitable roadmaps and strategies to achieve a zero net carbon building sector by 2050. Through the Zero Cities Project, eleven leading cities explored cutting edge advancements in community partnership and high-performance buildings.  Learn more

PCIC provided social change ecosystem mapping for the California Equitable Housing Electrification Program (CEHEP) cohort of California cities to help them pass building decarb policies. The purpose was: (1) to provide a comprehensive scan of California’s Community Based Organizations (CBOs) well positioned and aligned to support the goals of the CA Cohort; and (2) provide a recommendation on key anchor CBOs to participate and partner with cities.  Learn more


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