Core Program

Growing a vibrant ecosystem of young Black leaders

Young Black Climate Leaders

Young Black Climate Leaders (YBCL) seeks to accelerate radical transformation. In the spirit of Octavia Butler, Harriet Tubman and countless Black ancestors guided by ecological and cultural beauty, we gather and build.

YBCL supports a growing, vibrant ecosystem of young Black leaders successfully advocating for and transforming their communities for racial and environmental justice with access to support, resources, and funding while transforming the broader climate movement. 

Through YBCL Dream Lab events, trainings, the YBCL Scholarship and the budding YBCL youth-directed fund, YBCL aims to provide young Black leaders with the tools, networks, and resources to tackle the complexities of the climate crisis and the diversity of our environmental ecosystem, while centering Black liberation in the climate field, and providing resources nation-wide.  To learn more about YBCL, click here.

Project Details:

  • Provide youth organizing support and capacity building. 
  • Introduce youth to community-driven planning and principles and enacting those principles. 
  • Cultivate a culture and ethic within youth organizing that promotes inclusivity, intersectionality, and mind-body-spirit integration and wellness.
  • Envision a climate movement led by young Black leaders.
  • Grow a networks of support, mentorship, thought leadership, and action for Black climate organizers.
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Latriece Love-Goodlett