Powershift Convergence Recap

May 18, 2023

The 2023 Powershift Convergence was hosted in Bvlbancha (colonially known as New Orleans), from April 6-8, 2023. Powershift brought together young people from across the U.S. and its occupied territories to organize, strategize and share space together. The name Bvlbancha comes from the Chata (Choctaw) and Yama (Mobilian trade) languages, translating to “Place Where Many Languages are Spoken” or “Place of Many Tongues,” making it the ideal place to convene young people of all backgrounds from all over the country. The leadership of young people of color was felt at Powershift, with young folks leading workshops and trainings to skillshare with each other and weave together our stories of resilience and radical hope. The convergence does the important work of craving out intentional spaces for young leaders in the climate movement and offering opportunities to learn, grow, and collectively heal. 

Climate Innovation was a sponsor of the event and we had the opportunity to bring two staff and three young people to the convening. Our Collaborative Partnerships Coordinator, Youth Program Coordinator, and youth from our Young Black Climate Leaders (YBCL), and Young Climate Leaders of Color (YCLC) programs were all in attendance. Our staff and young folks also had the opportunity to table at the Opportunity Fair where they shared their experiences with the YBCL and YCLC programs and more information around our other program offerings, such as our Vision, Power, Solutions training series. Overall, Powershift was a great opportunity to intentionally reconnect in-person after the hardships of the pandemic and allowed us to share and celebrate the talents, opportunities, joy, and leadership of young people working at the forefront of climate justice.

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