Core Program

Community-driven vision, power, and solutions for climate resilience

National Association of Climate Resilience Planners

Launched in 2017 after the development of the CDCRP Framework, the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) is a multi-stakeholder, peer-learning, resource, and referral network that fosters equitable and effective, place-based climate resilience planning and implementation. The Framework, NACRP, and an emerging community of practice seek to continue to define and build this emerging field of community-driven planning by elevating the expertise and successes of grassroots leaders rooted in frontline communities. Climate Innovation coordinates the NACRP and CDCRP-related peer learning and facilitation referrals with our NACRP Facilitators network.

Project Details

Vision Power Solutions

People's Climate Innovation Center has launched a new four-part Vision Power Solutions (VPS) series open to anyone interested in learning and applying principles of community-driven planning to their work or organization. We are so excited to be partnering again with Rosa Gonzalez and Julian Mocine-McQueen of Facilitating Power to curate and co-facilitate timely, relevant content with featured communities practicing community-driven planning along with quarterly peer ciphers to build our growing community of practice. This workshop seriesbuilds facilitative leadership capacity among facilitators, organizers, leaders, and educators from (and accountable to) Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. Content for the series builds off the Community Driven Climate Resilience Planning Framework and features communities navigating community-driven planning on-the-ground. We encourage participants to register for the full 2022-2023 series which includes four 2.5 hours virtual workshops and four 90 minute applied practice peer ciphers to be held two weeks following each session. Learn more and register.

Facilitative Leadership Training

In 2022, the NACRP launched the second phase of the Vision Power Solutions series, with curriculum from the VPS series content informing a NACRP facilitators certification program. Participants who have completed at least six of the VPS sessions will be invited to participate in a Facilitative Leadership Training cohort that expands the existing NACRP Facilitators Network. This national network of facilitative grassroots leaders will be supported and trained to both lead community planning at the local level, and train the next generation of diverse leadership to subvert the current top-down planning paradigm. Growing this network helps Climate Innovation to continue expanding the NACRP and VPS offerings with more facilitators in future years. Learn more.