Consulting & Advising

Working with local government to center equity

Capacity building for local government

PCIC works with local governments and intermediaries to strengthen capacity for community-driven planning and climate resilience using an equity focus. 

An example of our capacity building for local government includes working with County of Boulder through a multi-city engagement developing resources, trainings, and frameworks for city government staff to shift power to local community leadership by engaging community members early on and aligning internal strategies with community priorities. Learn more

Currently, PCIC also advises USDN and Bloomberg Philanthropy on the American Cities Climate Challenge (ACCC) in order to bring an equity and community lens to the initiative. PCIC advises the  Justice40 Capacity Building Fund (J40 Fund), a Bloomberg funded project of the ACCC, is to support community-based organizations to engage and partner with their local government to advance community-led projects that align with the Justice40 Initiative. The Fund intends to help communities scope, plan, and pursue partnership strategies in order to more effectively work with local government partners to achieve these shared goals. 

Project Details

  • Support the design, outreach and a learning series for community organizations and local government staff to build better partnerships and learn to center community ownership to climate solutions.  Learn more about the Justice40 Equity Fund
  • Practice community building and grounding in relationship to ecological principles through CDCRP principles in public-community partnerships.
  • Orientate local government staff to a regional vision for the future a few generations from now; began to align around a shared vision and purpose thus creating the initial elements of a strategic compass to guide and align process and outcomes.


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